Gandhi as a Political Strategist

Gandhi as a Political Strategist
Hardcover: $9.95
Tag: English
Publisher: Porter Sargent Publishers
Publication Year: 1979
ASIN: 0875580904
Gandhi as a Political Strategist is a book about the political strategies used by Mahatma Gandhi, and their ongoing implications and applicability outside of their original Indian context. Written by Gene Sharp, the book was originally published in the US in 1979. An Indian edition was published in 1999. The book has been reviewed in several professional journals. Gandhi as a Political Strategist contains 13 chapters that are separated into two major parts. All chapters are written by Sharp, who also wrote a preface. The chapters were originally published elsewhere in journals between 1957 and 1970, but were revised for this volume, sometimes extensively. An introduction by Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, states that Gandhi and King each "discovered an idea whose time had long since come," but that only with Gandhi as a Political Strategist do we have a single volume providing "an in-depth analysis of Gandhi's political strategy and its relevance for social struggle today.... a lucid, compelling case for nonviolent direct action as the most effective means for advancing social change that humankind has ever known."
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