Q&A With Leonardo Maccari

by Noah Simon | September 4, 2014 Leonardo Maccari is an activist and strong advocate of open-source, network neutrality, and community networks. Currently, Maccari is designing “RiseApp”- a mobile application that would allow activists to share and disseminate content in order to document

Church Leaders Protest Australia’s Asylum Policies

by Carly Alvarez | July 10, 2014 The Australian government is under international scrutiny for intercepting a group of 41 asylum seekers attempting to enter the country by boat, and returning them to Sri Lanka. The UN refugee agency, human

The Struggle for Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong

by Noah Simon | July 9, 2014 Civic groups and citizens of Hong Kong struggling for universal suffrage have begun to heighten their campaign. On July 3, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers staged a mass walkout from a parliament session against

The Use of Nonviolent Action in Response to Tragedies

by Noah Simon | May 26, 2014 Following several national disasters and tragedies in recent months, citizens have used nonviolent action to convey an array of grievances towards governments. Many have staged demonstrations, sit-ins, marches, and strikes to denounce government

Brazil Strikes Ahead of World Cup

by Carly Alvarez | May 23, 2014 Anti-government protests continue to spread throughout Brazil’s largest cities less than three weeks before the country is due to host the FIFA World Cup. Many local communities in Brazil’s host cities are rejecting

Labor and Environmental Movements Make Progress in China

by Noah Simon | May 1, 2014 Recent campaigns in southern China have achieved significant gains following large-scale strikes and demonstrations. In Dongguan, thousands of factory workers for Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings will receive greater benefits after striking for over

Teachers of Norway: Event on Nonviolent Action

by Carly Alvarez | April 28, 2014 On April 9, Boston College hosted a musical performance and panel discussion inspired by the Norwegian teacher’s resistance to the German occupation of Norway during World War II. Through noncooperation and defiance, determined

Taiwanese Students End Three-Week Occupation of Parliament

by Noah Simon | April 15, 2014 On April 10, students in Taipei ended their occupation of the parliament building after Taiwan Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng assured them that one of their main demands will be met: a review of

International Repression of the Press

by Carly Alvarez | March 11, 2014   Last year was the second worst year on record for journalistic freedom, with 211 journalists imprisoned for their work, according to a report by the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ).

Venezuelan Opposition Call for Nationwide Protests

by Carly Alvarez | February 26, 2014   Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has proposed a national peace conference as opposition leaders in the country call for new anti-government demonstrations and a nationwide presence in the streets. Pope Francis has also