The Use of Motorcades and Vehicles as Physical Intervention

by Noah Simon | February 24, 2014


Automobiles have been identified as tools of protest in many political and social conflicts in the past. Gene Sharp identified a motorcade as a type of procession (method number 42) in his list of 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action.

Q&A: Russian Activist Oleg Kozlovsky

by Noah Simon | February 11, 2014


The Albert Einstein Institution’s Research Department recently spoke with Russian activist Oleg Kozlovsky. Mr. Kozlovsky writes and blogs about politics, democracy, and human rights and was a co-founder of the Oborona youth movement that aims to form a democratic political system in Russia.

Russia’s Crackdown During the Sochi Winter Olympics

by Noah Simon | February 7, 2014


Russia will employ 40,000 police, armed service members, and security workers for the Winter Games in order to minimize threats from the historically volatile Caucasus region that neighbors Sochi.  

Do Laws Prohibiting Protest Work?

by Noah Simon | January 28, 2014

In recent weeks and months, several nations introduced legislation to suppress, minimize, or completely outlaw public demonstrations. Many Western powers, international human rights organizations, and activists condemned these recent laws against protest.

Q&A: Ukrainian Journalist and Activist Igor Lutsenko

by Carly Alvarez | January 28, 2014

The Albert Einstein Institution research team talked to Ukrainian opposition activist Igor Lutsenko regarding his recent torture and kidnapping in Kiev.

Can you explain your rationale for continuing to advocate for nonviolent discipline?

Q&A: Leading Activist of the 2004 Orange Revolution on the Ukrainian protests.

January 24, 2014

by Carly Alvarez

Today the Albert Einstein Institution research team talked to a key leader of the 2004 Orange revolution about the current protest in Ukraine. Due to the situation in the country he has asked to remain anonymous.

Ukraine Court Bans Protests

by Carly Alvarez

On January 15, a Ukrainian court published a ban on mass protests in central Kiev, increasing opposition fears of a crackdown on current demonstrations.

Only three days before, over 50,000 protesters returned to Independence Square in support of the continued anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine.

Thailand Protests Continue Despite Concessions From Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

by Noah Simon

The anti-government opposition in Thailand has called for another mass rally on December 22nd, demanding that the February 2nd election be postponed until there is national reform.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces announced on December 15th that they would help to organize the February 2nd election to ensure that it is “fair and clean”.

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