Threat of General Strike in Cambodia

by Noah Simon The leader of the Cambodian opposition party has threatened a one-day general strike if Prime Minister Hun Sen and the ruling CPP party does not make concessions for opposition lawmakers after the disputed July 28th elections. Sam

Gene Sharp Receives Champion of Peace Award

Jamila Raqib received the Salem State University, Champion of Peace Award on behalf of Gene Sharp on International Peace Day, Friday 21st September. The citation reads, “Salem State University honors Gene Sharp, For your faith in nonviolent struggle and your

How to Start a Revolution iPad and iTunes


How to Start a Revolution is a multi award winning documentary following the work of 2012 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world’s foremost expert on nonviolent action. BAFTA award-winning director Ruaridh Arrow follows the use of Gene Sharp’s

New Statesman Article


Gene Sharp: The Machiavelli of non-violence By John-Paul Flintoff In a long life of scholarship and dissent, Gene Sharp has been imprisoned and persecuted, but never silenced. His ideas continue to inspire resistance movements across the world. Gene Sharp is

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Since our founding in 1983, the mission of the Albert Einstein Institution has been to provide the best resources possible on strategic nonviolent action to groups struggling for democratic freedoms. Whether the goal is undermining a dictatorship, preventing a coup