In the Media

Worcester Telegram (Massachusetts) – “The invention of peacemaking,” by Michael True, March 26, 2013.

Good News Magazine – “Gene Sharp: The father of nonviolent revolution” by Anna Åhlund, March 11, 2013.

The New Statesman – “Gene Sharp: The Machiavelli of non-violence,” by John-Paul Flintoff, January 3, 2013.

Interview with Gene Sharp, by Kazumoto Ohno, December, 2012 (in Japanese).

Mainichi Newspapers “武器よりも戦略 – 混迷シリア打開のカギ” (“A weapon of strategy”), by Kazuhiko Kusano, November 1, 2012 (in Japanese).

Ode Magazine – “Giving Peace a Chance,” by Mira Zeehandelaar, October 9, 2012.

The Progressive – “Nonviolence Strategist Gets Deserved Recognition,” by Amitabh Pal, September 27, 2012.

Deutsche Welle – “Alternative Nobel Winner says non-violence works,” by Louisa Schaefer, September 27, 2012 (in English).

The New York Times – “The Quiet American,” by Janine Di Giovanni, September 3, 2012.

La Repubblica (Italy) – “Non basta cacciare il regime senza un vero cambiamento” (“It’s not enough to oust the regime without really changing it”) by Angelo Aquaro, July 31, 2012 (in Italian).

Interview of Gene Sharp by Jake Shannon, August 8, 2012.

CNN – “Gene Sharp: A dictator’s worst nightmare” by Mairi Mackay, June 24, 2012.

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Part 1. Part 2.) – «Крестный отец» «цветных» переворотов Джин Шарп: «Революционной борьбе надо учиться у русских» (“‘Godfather’ of the ‘color’ revolutions: Gene Sharp”), by Galina Sapojnikova, June 14, 2012 (in Russian, with video).

Le Temps – La non-violence à l’épreuve syrienne, by Catherine Frammery, March 15, 2012 (in French).

Izvestia (Russia) – Владислав Сурков: «Система уже изменилась» (“Vladislav Surkov: ‘The system has changed'”) by Yelena Shishkunova, December 22, 2011 (in Russian).

Al Jazeera English – “Q&A: Gene Sharp”, December 6, 2011.

Waging Nonviolence – “Choices for defecting Syrian soldiers” by Gene Sharp, December 1, 2011.

Foreign Policy Magazine – Gene Sharp (AEI Senior Scholar) and Srđa Popović named to FP’s 2011 Global Thinker’s List, December, 2011.

The Hindu – “Philosophy of the Mahatma” by Murali N. Krishnaswamy, October 3, 2011.

The Christian Science Monitor – “Why dictators now face civilian revolt, from Syria to Swaziland” by Scott Baldauf, September 30, 2011.

Huffington Post – “What Does Democracy Look Like?” by Azeem Ibrahmi, September 22, 2011.

The Daily Monitor (Uganda) by John K. Abimanyi, September 26, 2011.

The Daily Monitor (Uganda) by Mwaura Samora, September 10, 2011.

Madagascar Tribune – “Coups d’État, élections et sauveurs étrangers” (excerpt of FDTD), July 31, 2011.

Articles by Nakami Mari: 2007 and 2009 (in Japanese).

Der Standard (Austria) – “‘Den Kampf verstehen, um ihn zu führen'” (“‘Understand the struggle, in order to lead it'”) by Andreas Hackl, July 4, 2011 (in German).

The New York Times – “The Power of Mockery” by Nicholas D. Kristof, April 16, 2011.

Reuters – “INTERVIEW-Non-violent protest and “political jujitsu” by Hugo Dixon, April 13, 2011.

Al Jazeera (English) – “Tweeting the police state” by Hugh MacLeod and a reporter from Syria, April 9, 2011.

Harvard Law School News – “At Harvard Law School, Gene Sharp offers insights on nonviolent struggles” by Joanne Wong, April 1, 2011.

Dong-A News Station (South Korea) – “한 권의 책으로 수 백 만명에게 자유를!” April 1, 2011 (Video in Korean).

Le Temps (Switzerland) – “A Gene Sharp, les révolutionnaires reconnaissants” by Catherine Frammery, March 18, 2011 (in French).

Financial Times – “Blueprint for a revolution” by Janine di Giovanni, March 18, 2011.

The Nation – “Gene Sharp, Nonviolent Warrior” by Sasha Abramsky, March 16, 2011. – “Egitto e Tunisia, rivolte guidate dai giovani” by Mattia Toaldo, March 18, 2011 (Italian). – “Anhelo de libertad” by Jordi Pigem, March 18, 2011 (Spanish). – “Le gourou des révolutions arabes” by David Caviglioli, March 16, 2011 (French).

Al Masdar (Yemen) – “كيف يمكننا إسقاط النظام باستخدام القوة ‘الناعمة’؟” (“How can we bring down the regime by using ‘soft’ power?”), March 14, 2011 (Arabic).

الإمارات اليوم (Emirates Today) “شارب.. ملهم الثورات السلمية في العالم” (Profile of Gene Sharp), March 13, 2011 (Arabic).

Người Việt Boston “Cách mạng – Bạo động hay bất bạo động?” by Huỳnh Thục Vy, March 13, 2011 (Vietnamese).

Andhra Bhoomi (Andhra Pradesh newspaper) – Profile of Gene Sharp, March 12, 2011 (Telugu).

Prothom Alo (Bangladesh) – “দুই বুড়োর কাণ্ড: একনায়কত্ব থেকে গণতন্ত্র” (“Democracy from Dictatorship”) March 11, 2011 (Bengali).

星島日報 / Sing Tao Daily (Canada) – 撰《從獨裁到民主》 倡和平抗議 一生致力「非暴力」 (Essay on Gene Sharp), March 7, 2011 (Chinese).

P1 Radio (Denmark) – “83-årig hyldes af de unge demokratiforkæmpere i Mellemøsten”, March 6, 2011 (Danish).

Diário do Comércio (Brazil) – “O guru dos jovens da Revolução de Jasmim” by Kety Shapazian, March 6, 2011 (Portuguese).

Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV) – “Gene Sharp: Vater der friedlichen Revolution”, March 5, 2011 (German).

The Irish Times – “Man who wrote rules for peaceful revolution” by Lara Marlowe, March 5, 2011.

Die Zeit – “Der Demokrator” by Johannes Thumfart, March 3, 2011 (German).

Adevărul (Romania) – “Liderii revoluţiei egiptene, şcoliţi de sârbi” (“Leaders of the Egyptian revolution, educated Serbs”) by Viorica Marin and Cătălina Mihai, March 4, 2011 (Romanian).

Harvard Crimson – “Gandhi in Egypt” by Diana L. Eck, March 2, 2011.

Bergens Tidende (Norway) – “Revolusjonsarkitekten” by Eystein Røssum, February 26, 2011.

Volksrant (Netherlands) – “Een gevaarlijk man voor alle despoten” by Arie Elshout, February 26, 2011.

Politics Daily – “After Egypt and Libya, What’s Next for Those Still Under Dictatorships?” by Alex Wagner, February 25, 2011.

The First Post (UK) – “Libyans ‘must not meet violence with violence’” by Venetia Rainey, February 25, 2011. – “Teaching People Power” by Jesse Walker, February 25, 2011.

Deutsche Welle – “‘The genie is out of the bottle'” by Michael Knigge and Rob Mudge, February 24, 2011 (English).

The Star (Malaysia) – “Of mutinies and a monkey fable” by M. Veera Pandiyan, February 24, 2011 (English).

Týden (Czech Republic) – “Jak svrhnout diktaturu. I Egypťanům pomohla příručka” (“How to topple a dictatorship”), February 24, 2011 (Czech).

亞洲週刊 (Yazhou Zhoukan) – 全球茉莉花革命幕後推手 .陳之嶽 (“Jasmine driving force behind the global revolution” by Yue Chen), February 24, 2011. (Chinese)

Samanyolu (Turkey) – “İşte dünyayı karıştıran adam” (profile of Gene Sharp), February 24, 2011.

The Daily Monitor (Uganda) – “Lessons from popular uprisings in North Africa” by Christopher Omara, February 24, 2011.

Radio Azatutyun (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Armenia) – “Ջին Շարփ. «Երբ մարդիկ այլեւս չեն վախենում, բռնապետությունը մեծ վտանգի մեջ է»” (“When people lose their fear, the dictatorship is in great danger”) by Tatevik Lazarian, February 23, 2011. (Armenian | Russian)

بی‌بی‌سی فارسی (BBC Persian) مهرنوش پورضیایی” – جین شارپ: این جنگ نرم نیست” – (“Gene Sharp: This is not a soft war” by Mehrnoush Pourziaiee, February 23, 2011.)

بی‌بی‌سی فارسی (BBC Persian) مهرنوش پورضیایی” – گفت‌وگو با جین شارپ، نظریه‌پرداز مبارزات بدون خشونت” (Video: “Interview with Gene Sharp, Nonviolent Struggle Theorist” by Mehrnoush Pourziaiee, February 23, 2011.)

Deutsche Welle (Hindi) – “दहशत फैलाता अहिंसा का संदेश” (Profile of Gene Sharp) by Nicole Markwald, February 23, 2011.

Die Welt – “Der Schreibtischtäter” by Hannes Stein, February 23, 2011 (German).


Trouw (Netherlands) – “Amerikaans pamflet inspireert Arabische opstandelingen” (“American’s pamphlet inspires Arab revolutionaries”) by Marco Fisher, February 23, 2011 (Dutch).

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News – “Middle East uprisings take cue from Gene Sharp’s guide to non-violent revolution” by Carol Off, February 23, 2011.

National Public Radio – “Gene Sharp, ‘Clausewitz Of Nonviolent Warfare,’ Amazed By Egypt’s Youth,” interview by Steve Inskeep, February 23, 2011. – “Ο άνθρωπος πίσω από τις χρωματιστές επαναστάσεις” (“The man behind the color revolutions”), February 23, 2011 (Greek) .

The Boston Globe – “Sharp: The man who changed the world,” February 22, 2011.

Al Qabas (Kuwait) “كل الأنظمة العربية أصبحت في دائرة الخطر” (“All Arab regimes are in the circle of danger” compiled by Mohamed Amin), February 22, 2011 (Arabic).

Republika (Indonesia) – “Inilah Resep Utama di Balik Revolusi Mesir, Strategi Gene Sharp” – a profile of Gene Sharp by Selasa, February 22, 2011 (Indonesian).

NOW Magazine – “Revolution in 198 Steps” by Ellie Kirzner, February 21, 2011.


Transnational Perspectives – “Self-Liberation: Is there any other kind?” by Rene Wadlow, Feburary 21, 2011.

Folha de São Paulo – “Iranianos podem realizaruma revoluçãonos moldes da egípcia” by Gabriela Manzini, February 21, 2011 (Portuguese).

The BBC – “Gene Sharp: Author of the nonviolent revolution rulebook” by Ruaridh Arrow, February 21, 2011. (Arabic | English | Spanish | Turkish | Uzbek | Vietnamese)

Radio Svoboda (Radio Free Europe, Russia) – “Философ Джин Шарп – о теории и практике ненасильственных революций” by Courtney Brooks, February 22, 2011.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – “Exporting Nonviolent Revolution, From Eastern Europe To The Middle East” by Courtney Brooks and Miloš Teodorović, February 21, 2011.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – “Interview: Gene Sharp, The ‘Clausewitz’ of Nonviolent Resistance,” February 21, 2011. (English | Russian)

The LA Times – “Revolutionary wisdom: a primer,” February 20, 2011.

Information (Denmark) – “Revolutionens mest effektive kampmidler er ikke-voldelige” by Martin Burcharth, February 20, 2011 (Danish).

Information (Denmark) – “Alverdens diktatorer frygter Sharps teorier” by Martin Burcharth, February 20, 2011 (Danish).

Chosun Ilbo – 83세 노인 진 샤프의 비폭력 혁명지침서 (“Gene Sharp, 83-year-old guide of non-violent revolution”), February 18, 2011 (Korean).

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – “Die Revolution war gut geplant,” February 18, 2011 (German).

Voice of America – “Scholar’s research inspires non-violent protests” by Larry Freund, Feburary 18, 2011. (English | Russian | Vietnamese)

BBC Brasil – “As bengaladas do pacifista” by Lucas Mendes, February 17, 2011 (Portuguese).

La Repubblica – “È questa la lezione di Gandhi il People Power abbatte i regimi” by Angelo Aquaro, February 17, 2011 (Italian).

The New Yorker – “Reluctant revolutionary” by Macy Halford, February 17, 2011.

The Progressive – “Gene Sharp’s Nonviolent Impact” by Amitabh Pal, February 17, 2011.

The New York Times – “Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution” by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, February 17, 2011. (English | Italian)

KPFK Radio (North Hollywood, California) – Interview with Gene Sharp by Sonali Kolhatkar, February 17, 2011.

The Immanent Frame – “The science of people power: an interview with Gene Sharp” by Nathan Schneider, February 17, 2011.

Berliner Zeitung – “‘So wie Mubarak hätte auch Hitler gestürzt werden können'”, by Sebastian Moll, February 17, 2011 (German).

P1 Morgen (Denmark) – “Drejebog i revolution”, February 16, 2011 (Danish).

Foreign Policy Magazine – “Revolution U” by Tina Rosenberg, February 16, 2011.

The Daily Beast – Profile of Gene Sharp by Samuel P. Jacobs, February 14, 2011.

The New York Times – “Dual Uprisings Show Potent New Threats to Arab States” by David D. Kirkpatrick and David E. Sanger, February 14, 2011

Scientific American – “Egypt’s revolution vindicates Gene Sharp’s theory of nonviolent activism” by John Horgan, February 11, 2011

National Catholic Reporter – Interview with Gene Sharp by Claire Schaeffer-Duffy, February 4, 2011

CounterPunch – “Blind Faith and American Militarism” by Michael True, February 2, 2011

Jane’s Intelligence Review – “Generation of ’88, Kyaw Kyaw, NCUB director” – an interview with a member of the pro-democracy group in Burma, Oct 8, 2010

Pacific Daily News (Guam) – “People must know they have power” by A. Gaffar Peang-Meth, October 6, 2010

Associated Press – “Egypt’s youth build new opposition Movement” by Sarah El Deeb, September 16, 2010

The New Yorker – “After the Crackdown, Talking to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—and the opposition—about Iran today” by Jon Lee Anderson, August 16, 2010

Utne Reader – “Lessons from the Godfather: Interview with Gene Sharp” by Jeff Severns Guntzel, July 2010 – “How George W. Bush rejected my ‘Sharp’ idea for countering terrorism” by John Horgan, July 19, 2010

Frederick News Post – “What is Nonviolent Action?” by Gene Sharp, April 24, 2010

Jewish Herald-Voice – “How to get rid of a dictatorship” by Aaron Howard, Jan 14, 2010

Georgian Daily – “Georgia: Looking Back At The Rose Revolution” by Alex van Oss, December 31, 2009

The Spectrum & Daily News” – “Harvard academic’s ideas reach Iran” by Tad Trueblood, December 31, 2009

MSN (Korea) – Profile of Gene Sharp, December 30, 2009. (Korean).

The Christian Science Monitor – “Iran protesters: the Harvard professor behind their tactics” by Scott Peterson, December 29, 2009

The Boston Globe – “Revolution of the Mind” by Farah Stockman, December 20, 2009 — Front page of Boston Globe

The Daily Star – “Beware of a brittle Iran” December 10, 2009

Slovo (Slovakia) – “Studená vojna novej generácie: farebné revolúcie” by Leopold Moravčík, December 4, 2009 (Off-site link; Google automated translation)

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty – “Gene Sharp: Theoretician Of Velvet Revolution” by Michael Hirshman, November 27, 2009

Yediot Haronot – “איך לחולל מהפכה עם מקלדת ומקל הליכה” (“How to make a revolution with a keyboard and a walking stick”) by Nir Boms and Niv Lilien, October 18, 2008 (Hebrew).

The Rushford Report – “An Inconvenient Man” by Greg Rushford, September 21, 2009

YES! Magazine – “Weapons of Mass Democracy: Nonviolent Resistance Is the Most Powerful Tactic Against Oppressive Regimes” by Stephen Zunes, September 16, 2009

The Associated Press – “Iran: new audience for US scholar’s protest guide” by Sebastian Abbot and Katarina Kratovac, June 26, 2009

Radio Free Asia (Korean) – “[천안문 사태 20주년] ③ 김일성 광장에서 바라보는 천안문 20년 – ‘북한 체제 속의 저항 운동'” (Discussion of Gene Sharp’s work), June 5, 2009 (Korean).

The Wall Street Journal – “American Revolutionary: Quiet Boston Scholar Inspires Rebels Around the World” by Philip Shishkin, September 13, 2008

Russian Journal – “Ненасильственная борьба требует ненасильственной дисциплины”, 9 April, 2008 (Off-site link; Click here for English translation)

The Wall Street Journal – “Vietnamís American Prisoners,” December 6, 2007 (PDF)

The Financial Times – “Defiance undeterred: Burmese activists seek ways to oust the junta” by Amy Kazmin, December 6, 2007 (PDF)

The Phoenix (Boston) – “The Dictator Slayer” by Adam Reilly, December 5, 2007

Ohio State University Alumni Magazine – “The Most Influential Man You Don’t Know” by Charlie Euchner, November-December, 2007 – “Burma: People Power, Not Political Puppetry” by Cynthia Boaz, November 1, 2007

The South China Morning Press – “Helping hand on the road to reform” by Greg Torode, October 28, 2007

International Herald Tribune – “The power of nonviolence” by Shaazka Beyerle and Cynthia Boaz, October 18, 2007

Vermont Commons – “Of A Quiet and Peaceable Behavior: The Freeman’s Oath and the Nonviolent Defense of a Vermont Republic” by Carl Watner, August 31, 2007

Tal Cual (Venezuela) – “Ch·vez desinformado” (in Spanish) by Patricia Torres Uribe, June 19, 2007 (PDF)

Associated Press – “Chavez says US suffered ‘great defeat’ in move to condemn Venezuela over TV case,” by Christopher Toothaker, June 6, 2007

The Boston Globe – “The Power of No” by Charles Euchner, April 22, 2007

The Progressive – Interview with Gene Sharp by Amitabh Pal, March, 2007

On Line Opinion (Australia) – “A strange sort of coup in Fiji” by Mark Hayes, December 21, 2006

Laconia Daily Sun (New Hampshire) – “Nonviolence: A Powerful Force,” by Leo Sandy, February 20, 2006

The Hindu – “Conference to mark centenary of satyagraha in January” – December 15, 2006 (Off-site link)

Radio Australia – “FIJI: US group e-mail anti-coup handbook to NGOs,” December 8, 2006 [Audio interview] (Off-site links)

BBC Vietnamese Radio – Gene Sharp Interview (in Vietnamese) – October 9, 2006 (Off-site link)

Reason Magazine – “The 50 Habits of Highly Effective Revolutionaries: The third wave of nonviolent revolt,” by Jesse Walker, September 21, 2006

National Catholic Reporter – “Honing nonviolence as a political weapon” by Claire Schaeffer-Duffy, October 21, 2005

Radio Netherlands – “Roses, Cedars, and Orange Ribbons” report by HÈlËne Michaud, June 29, 2005. [Audio] (Off-site links)

Boston Globe – “War by other means” by Laura Secor, May 29, 2005.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – “Russia: Radicalized Youth on the Rise” Victor Yasmann, April 14, 2005

CafÈ Babel – “No ‘Orange Revolution’ in Moldova” (in English; available in Italian, Catalan, French, German, and Spanish), by Nicola DellíArciprete, March 29, 2005

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – “ZUBR in Belarus: Killing the ‘Dragon of Fear’ Within” Catherine A. Fitzpatrick , March 15, 2005

Wall Street Journal – “In Putin’s Backyard, Democracy Stirs — With U.S. Help,” by Philip Shishkin, February 25, 2005

Le Monde Diplomatique – “Dans líombre des ´rÈvolutions spontanÈesª (in French)” by RÈgis GentÈ and Laurent Rouy, January, 2005

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – Ukraine: Part Homegrown Uprising, Part Imported Production? – December 20, 2004 (Off-site link)

Weekendavisen (Danish news magazine) – Revolutionens mestre – December 10, 2004

Radio Netherlands – The ABC of non-violent action – December 02, 2004 [Audio] (Off-site links)

Reason magazine – The East Turned Upside Down – November 30, 2004 (Off-site link)

Radio Netherlands – “Ukraine: the resistance will not stop,” by Margreet Strijbosch. – November 25, 2004 (Off-site link)

The Boston Globe – The Revolution Next Time – October 10, 2004 (Off-site link)

Peace Magazine – “Whoís Afraid of PD?” by John Bacher, April-June, 2004

LíHebdo (Switzerland) – “RÈvolution, mode díemploi” (in French), by Laurent Rouy, April 22, 2004 (PDF)

Radio France Internationale – “Kiev, aprËs Belgrade et Tbilissi” (in French) by RÈgis GentÈ, February 12, 2004

Tribune Media Services – “Revolution of Roses: The Georgians Can Teach Us Something about Regime Change” by Robert Koehler, December 1, 2003

Peace Magazine – Active Nonviolence: Interview with Gene Sharp – July-Sept. 2003 (Off-site link)

Reason magazine – What Next for U.S. Foreign Policy? – June 2003 (Off-site link)

Newsday – “Combat Neednít Be Used to Topple Dictators” by Bob Keeler, May 19, 2003

Peacework magazine – Realistic Alternatives to Violence – May 2003 (Off-site link)

Teenspeak magazine (PDF) – Scholar Promotes Alternatives to War – Spring 2003 (PDF download)

The New York Times Magazine – Questions for Gene Sharp – November 24, 2002 (Off-site link)

The National Catholic Reporter – Paths to Peace – Nonviolent Action – November 15, 2002 (Off-site link)

National Public Radio – What Would Gandhi Do? – November 15, 2002 (Off-site link)

Radio Netherlands – The Peace Room – October 27, 2002 [Audio] (Off-site links)

NOW Magazine – “Saving Iraq: Why U.S. Bombs Wonít Deliver Democracy” by John Bacher, September 19-25, 2002

Fletcher School News – “People Power” in an Age of Terror? – December 2001

Fletcher Ledger – Fighting with Nonviolence: A Workshop with Gene Sharp – November 5, 2001

Peace Magazine – Gene Sharp and Serbia – October – December 2001

The Progressive – “A Pacifist Uncovered” by Amitabh Pal, September, 2001

The WashingtonPost – U.S. Advice Guided Milosevic Opposition – December 11, 2000

PeaceWatch – Strategic Nonviolent Action Key to Serbia’s Revolution – December 2000

The New York Times Magazine – Who Really Brought Down Milosevic – November 26, 2000

New Internationalist Magazine – The NI Interview with Gene Sharp – November 1997

Peace Magazine – Leading Edges of Peace Research – September – October 1997

Peace Magazine – Killing the Pig to Frighten the Monkey – August/September 1989

The New York Times – “People Power and Superpowers” by Karl E. Meyer, April 20, 1986.

LA Times – “Philippines Taught Us Lessons of Nonviolence” by Gene Sharp, April 4, 1986.