Nonviolent Struggle Monograph Series

The Albert Einstein Institution has now made its Nonviolent Struggle Monograph Series available for purchase as a complete set for $20. Buy the set directly from our bookstore or from Amazon.

For more information on each volume, or to purchase a volume individually, please visit our bookstore.

The complete monograph series includes the following volumes:

– Insurrectionary Civic Strikes in Latin America: 1931-1961 (Vol 1);

– Civilian Based Defense in a New Era (Vol 2);

– The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle (Vol 3);

– Civil Resistance in the East European and Soviet Revolutions (Vol 4);

– Nonviolent Action in the Liberation of Latvia (Vol 5);

– Nonviolent Struggle and the Revolution in East Germany (Vol 6);

– Toward Research and Theory Building in the Study of Nonviolent Action (Vol 7);

– Nonviolent Resistance in Lithuania: A Story of Peaceful Liberation (Vol 8).

A copy of Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal will also be included with the series.

Series Cover