Welcome to the new website

JamailaWe are very pleased to welcome you to our new website!

For more than 30 years, the Albert Einstein Institution’s mission has been to make our resources  available to groups preparing or engaged in nonviolent struggles. 10 years ago, we launched a website featuring these publications.

Since then, the website has served as a useful tool in making available our resources and writings and has been accessed countless times by thousands of diverse individuals and groups from almost every country in the world.

Our new site has been designed to allow easier access to publications and information about nonviolent struggle in 41 languages. These translations are a crucial part of sharing our work and are now carefully organized to facilitate access.

Our new site is also better integrated with our research program, which we have established to monitor and report about nonviolent resistance around the world.

We hope that this information will be useful to resistance groups, academics, and students, media organizations, policy-makers, along with others, and that it will impact how knowledge of nonviolent struggle is understood and transmitted to the people who rely on this information to inform their own activities.

The site also provides information about the mission, history, staff, board, and programs of the Institution.

We will continue to add content to the site regularly so please check back for updates.

We welcome your feedback about our site and hope that you find it helpful in expanding your understanding of strategic nonviolent struggle.

Best wishes on behalf of Gene Sharp and all of our staff here,

Jamila Raqib

Executive Director, Albert Einstein Institution