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Today, in almost every country in the world, people are using nonviolent action to fight for their human, economic, and political rights. The Albert Einstein Institution provides publications, consultations, and workshops on strategic nonviolent action to people struggling against oppression throughout the world. Over the past thirty years we have had a major impact on the state of global democracy, human rights, and popular empowerment.

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Monthly Donation Levels and Thank-You Gifts
Monthly updates from AEI
Monthly updates on current affairs in nonviolent action
How Nonviolent Struggle Works, and a signed photo of Gene Sharp
Monthly updates PLUS a signed photo of Gene Sharp and a complimentary copy of How Nonviolent Struggle Works
Smuggling covers
All of the above PLUS a limited-edition copy of From Dictatorship to Democracy with one of several faux "smuggling" covers and a special foreword honoring the activists who continue to read this book under conditions of severe repression
Waging Nonviolent Struggle, and How to Start a Revolution
All of the above PLUS a copy of Waging Nonviolent Struggle and the DVD How to Start a Revolution
Online seminars
All of the above PLUS one seat in a 5-week online seminar in nonviolent action. The seat is transferable to the person of your choice (We will be in touch to determine 2016 seminar dates)
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We welcome and appreciate one-time contributions.
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  • For contributions of $5,000 or more, you may also receive a full-day workshop in nonviolent action at our Boston location for up to five people.
  • For contributions of $25,000 or more, you may also receive a three-day workshop in nonviolent action for a group of up to 20 people. If you are interested in this option please be in touch with us to discuss location and other details.